A little bit about me...

I´m a photographer, graphic designer, cameraman, video editor, textile designer, retoucher, journalist, social media manager, interior designer, wardrobe stylist and web designer.

BUT... before all that, I´m a watcher... I enjoy watching everything around me, all the imperfections that make things perfect because the own personality they acquire for that. I´m a watcher because light allows me to... I love to see how the sun falls into the hair and all the shadows making patterns, but at the same way the overcast days making perfect skin tones setting an enormous giant sofbox.  If you take 5 seconds every day and see how the natural light falls down on what´s around, you will see new things you didn´t know they were there.

Because all of that I enjoy FILM, it is a fascinating discovery of humanity, it does have nothing to be with technology bu works good with the actual technology tools we have now, film is that object your parents used to stored in boxes with their most invaluable memories, it keeps the actual feeling of photography, you dont have a display to tell you if you did a good photo or not, you have to feel it and trust your knowledge, your eye and good taste for posing, because you will not see the result till you finish the whole film, develop it and see the actual photo with all those colors that NOT A SINGLE DIGITAL CAMERA CAN GIVE YOU and the skin tones the same way. All that process is a surprise every time and its more enjoyable in every roll. I could keep writing about this wonderful now considered a "vintage" but I will never end... you have to try it for your own.

I enjoy fashion and lifestyle and always looking what the new designers, makeup artist and art directors are doing around the world, because I think it is important to see all the effort people make to deliver new stuff to your wardrobe so you can look a little bit different to the rest; because, wouldn´t be boring if everybody look the same?

I´ve worked in some magazines an newspaper but this is not my CV so, I wont write anything about that, I rather you go to my gallery and see my work, if you like it please throw me a line or two and tell me what you think.